Nitin Kedia

Nitin Kedia is the former Co-Founder and CTO of VETport software, a veterinary software company in USA. He designed and developed the original VETport software, and he now offers VETbuddy, which is an enhanced version of the original software. He has more than 3 decades of experience in software development, and he pioneered the veterinary clinic management solution in the cloud a decade ago.

Parvez Khan

Chief Technical Officer holds a Masters in Computer Science and has over 14+ years of experience in software development, with expertise in data communication, healthcare, accounting and supply chain domains. He has been part of VETport and VETbuddy since their early stages.

He has a passion for SAAS technologies, and is continuously striving to enhance VETbuddy.

Aiyana Sawlani

Aiyana Sawlani holds a Masters in Computer Science and has 6+ years experience in the healthcare and veterinary field. She regularly touch bases with customers to ensure they are operating VETbuddy smoothly, and contributes to product enhancement by bringing customer experiences to development.

Jacques Poirier

Jacques Poirier, Former founder of Goodbye Stone Age, Far infrared technologies sales and service. General art and science graduate with 30 years of experience in management and customer support. He has a passion for problem-solving and creativity.