Now you can offer Membership cards, generate membership coupons and loyalty points

Do online video consultation with pet owners. You can take appointments for video consultations. Currently integrated with Zoom video app

  • Medical records are created by following the Problem Oriented Medical Record methodology using the the SOAPing process (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan)
  • Offered with predefined medical data such as species specific complaint lists, history forms, exam forms, lab report templates, assessment list, generics with default dosages, usages, routes, frequency, directions, preventive medicines and more
  • Dental, eye, body charts etc
  • Tracking vitals
  • Auto dosage calculations, treatment plans can be assigned to presenting complaints and exam findings
  • Compare lab report elements to identify changes over time
  • Supports laboratory, radiology, anesthesia, operative reports
  • Email reports to clients
  • Attach any document
  • Lab report approval process
Our appointment module includes client and patient registration, doctor duty rota, selection of medical complaint with automatic time allocation, equipment and consultation room reservation, calendar, email, SMS or app appointment confirmation, email reminder and call re-confirmation, reception waiting list, color codes for appointment types, recurring appointments etc..

Online Appointments

  • VETbuddy allows clients to book appointments directly with your clinic through a website or mobile app
  • Clients can choose the available times of your doctors and book an appointment
  • Vaccine, rabies, health, fit to travel, neuter and euthanasia certificates
  • Certificates are prefilled templates with automatic signature of the doctor
  • Accessible to clients via the website client portal, or email and print
  • Automatic reminders for vaccines, re-checks, appointments & account balances via email and SMS
  • Define reminder due dates and sequence of subsequent due dates once the initial treatment is performed

with the creation of either an estimate or a treatment plan, followed by confirmation by saving the items in a shopping cart, and finishing with invoicing at the time of discharge.

    Other features are:
  • Treatment plan can be created directly from an estimate
  • Discount, advance, refund, credit, debit, returns
  • Common invoice for multiple patients
  • Standardized or customized price setting across multiple clinics
  • Permission setting allowing staff to make price changes
  • Tracking of client balances and receivables aging
  • Integration with major accounting software brands
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Multi-level sales tax

We offer integration with in-clinic laboratory equipment, scanning equipment and external laboratories, and reports and images can be selected and automatically uploaded to the medical record of the patient.

    Financial Metrics
  • Snapshot
  • Revenue by group, clinic, category, product, service, ZIP code, etc..
  • Gross margin by clinic, product and service
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Doctor productivity and commission
  • Account receivables
  • How did you hear about us
  • Clients & patients (new, visits, unique)
  • Referred clients
  • Client feedback scores (NPS score)
    Accounting control
  • Invoices
  • Payments & deposits
  • Credits, returns, discounts
  • Tax.
    Inventory control
  • Received stock
  • Consumed stock
  • Expired stock
  • Stock quantity & value

Our inventory management module supports individual clinics, central warehousing for clinic chains, and stock transfers between clinics.

    Some of our key inventory management functionalities are:
  • Update in-hand stock and configure threshold and re-order quantity.
  • Request for quotation.
  • Create Purchase Order (PO).
  • Create Transfer Order (TO).
  • Request for transfers
  • Receive goods.
  • Stock item tracking.
  • Shrink consumable stock.
  • Vendor cost and price approval.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Purchase Order approval.
  • Goods receipt note.
  • View order history, compare quotes.
  • Barcode scanning support. UPC / SKU bar code scanning for goods receiving and billing.
  • Our admission module allows users to reserve cages, admit patients, send photos of admitted patients to owners, transfer cage, extend or shorten time periods, mark cages for cleaning, etc.. Various reports shows cage availability and patients waiting for admission or discharge
  • In-patient daily charts to update temperature, bp, prescriptions etc at specified intervals

Our communication module allows clients, staff, vendors and referral clinics to communicate with each other, and record communication directly in the medical record of the patient.

    The topics of communication includes the following:
  • Medical updates
  • Reminders
  • Appointments
  • Account balances
  • Marketing messages
  • Lab reports and scanning images
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Report cards
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Purchase Order (PO)
    Our system offers multiple modes of communication, such as:
  • Email
  • SMS
  • WeChat
  • Website client portal access
  • Mobile app (Android)
  • Mobile app (App Store) (coming soon)
  • Whatsapp (coming soon)

User roles and access can be assigned to different staff categories according to their job functions, or user access can be fully customized to individual staff members. This functionality serves the dual purpose of making it easier for user to navigate the software, and at the same time restricting access to confidential information, data and settings.

  • This module allows clinics to set up group treatment plans by species, complaint, history, exam findings and assessment, to automate creation of treatment plans
  • Clinics can also set up membership and promotional packages that contains a range of goods and services at a special price

Our dashboards provide an overview of clinic performances through graphical dashboards for financials, inventory & clinic activities

  • VETbuddy supports 100% paperless clinic operation, using prefilled consent, admission and hospitalization forms, and patient education material
  • Signatures are captured on a tablet

Our electronic whiteboard allows staff to see all hospitalized patients’ live medical details, vitals, medications and procedures on a TV monitor, thereby eliminating the need for traditional whiteboards.

This module allows specialty hospitals to set up referring clinics, and to track which doctors and clinics are referring which clients. It also gives referring doctors access to submit medical information, share medical records, and follow the progress of the case. Emails of lab reports and medical records can be sent to the referring clinic/referring doctor. Hospitals can track number of patients and revenues by referring clinics.

  • A link on the clinic website allows new clients to register, and existing clients to access their pet’s medical and vaccination records, receive reminders, view invoices, make or cancel appointments, request refills, write messages, etc..Clinic staff can use the same website link to log in from any tablet or PC with a browser
  • We can integrate your e-commerce site to VETbuddy, to update items, stock on hand, prices, etc..
  • VETbuddy has an inbuilt client portal
  • Notifications of reminders & messages
  • As soon as a client is registered, the login details to the client portal are emailed
  • Client can update demographic information and add/update patient information
  • Client can view medical records of his/her pets (clinic can decide what part of the medical record can be viewed by the clients)
  • Make online appointments directly with the clinic or request for an appointment
  • Communicate with clinic
  • Fill up clinic defined history/exam forms of pets, before visiting the clinic
  • Android based client portal app available

Our mobile Android app allows clients to access their pet’s medical records, receive reminders, view invoices, make or cancel appointments, request refills, write messages, etc.. Our App Store app is coming soon.

VETbuddy is a fully bilingual system, supporting English and any other language. The user can select his or her preferred language, and the client and patient records, forms and tables supports bilingual content.