Multi location practices

VETbuddy is designed from the ground up to support multiple location clinics, and at the same time VETbuddyis an ideal solution for any single clinic or hospital, anywhere in the world.

Some of the key multi location features are:

  • Adding an additional clinic into your group is as simple as arranging Internet browser access. Our customer support team can configure a new clinic within hours.
  • Multiple clinics can share the same products, services, group plans, promotional and membership programs, forms, complaints, etc.
  • Multiple clinics can either share the same prices, or customize price to suit local conditions.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) are available to all clinics, and clients can get an appointment and settle bills in different clinics under the same account
  • Staff can work seamlessly in different clinics, yet the staff rotation plan, doctor performance and doctor commission is centrally managed
  • Staff messaging works across multiple clinics
  • Multiple clinics can share a central warehouse, use consolidated Purchase Orders (PO’s), share vendors, and transfer goods between clinics
  • Our business intelligence module gives management both consolidated and individual reports, graphical dashboards and benchmarks