Reasons why veterinary hospitals are choosing VETbuddy are:

  • VETbuddy is a comprehensive and fully integrated software package that contains all the functionalities required by any veterinary clinic or hospital anywhere in the world.
  • The user interface is designed to be easy and intuitive, combining icons and help text for many functions. The left side panel contains the most common functions, including a popup box called “How do I do”, which is a shortcut to the most used tasks.
  • The advantages of a cloud-based software include easy browser access from any device, lower hardware costs, and better data safety.
  • The customer service and development team at VETbuddy has a decade of experience supporting and training users worldwide. We respond immediately to all requests and inquiries, and we constantly enhance our software based on user feedback and special requests.
  • We offer integration with laboratories, payment providers and major accounting software brands.
  • The affordable monthly user fee of VETbuddy makes it one of the best investments any clinic or hospital can make.